Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Yark FIAT Art Car at Crosby Festival Gala Event

Yark FIAT will unveil this summer's Art Car as part
of the Crosby Festival of the Arts Preview Gala

Since opening its doors in 2011, Yark FIAT has introduced a FIAT model 500 wrapped in a local artist's
art as part of the dealership's community involvement in the cultural arts.

Dubbed the Yark FIAT Art Car, the 500 model has been the palette to 2 artists including a 5 year
Autistic child where the Art Car was auctioned off for charity right here in Toledo. This year, MR
ATOMIC has been commissioned to provide the inspiration and art for a celebration of 'Art in

The theme Art in Motion was chosen to convey the many places in Toledo the Yark FIAT Art Car will
be this year. Starting with the unveiling of the car at the Crosby Festival of the Arts Preview Gala and
other appearances at the University of Toledo's Art on the Mall, and the Art Commission's Art Walk
among others.

MR ATOMIC artists Mark and Michael Kelsey were excited to be chosen to be the Art Car's Artist
and chose prints from their current collection to exhibit their quirky candor with bright colors and an
homage to some of their celebrity inspirations. “You may see George or Ringo, maybe Mr Poe make
an appearance,” said Mark. “We are still ironing out the details right down to the wire.”

MR ATOMIC, whose studio is located on Reynolds Road in the former Glann Elementary School
building, has been gracing the Toledo art scene since the mid seventies. Both Mark and Michael,
identical twins, grew up in Toledo and have worked for such businesses as Thomas Hart Associates and
Libbey before opening up their own studio. Their style of art is Pop Surrealism described as an
underground visual art movement started in Los Angeles in the late 70's based on underground comix,
punk music, and hot-rod cultures of the street.

The Yark FIAT Art Car will not disappoint those looking for that gleeful, low-brow, sarcastic colorful
concepts that MR ATOMIC has been giving the area for years. The Art Car will be on display for the
duration of the Crosby Festival of the Arts and will return to the dealership on Central Avenue until
its next appearance.

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